Saturday, January 16, 2010


Mr. Milligan lived with Graham while he was on the Island and when Graham returned to the UK he decided to bring him back.
Mr. Milligan went through the process of micro chipping, being rabies tested and quarantined for 6 months at the Shelter until he was finally ready to depart.
This message came from the dog Mr. Milligan, who had become quite a favourite at the Shelter during his 6 months stay.
“Umm look what was waiting for me when I arrived at my new home . I can tell you it was well worth the journey as this bed is very comfortable . At last I can get a good nights sleep. Love to everyone and thanks to all that helped me get here to the UK . I love it , oh let me tell you they serve very nice fresh chicken here , I am just pretending at the moment that I don't like the dried biscuits , I will make my daddy pay for leaving me behind for so long bye for now” Mr. Milligan.
Note from his owner Graham to say he is doing absolutely great and everyone loves him to bits.

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