Sunday, August 25, 2013


Lucky Piggles was found wandering on Turtle beach by the Hawkins family from the UK in May 2013.
They fell in love with her and liased with Gian from "Save our Turles" who took her to the TTSPCA Shelter.   After discussion via email the Hawkins decided to adopt her.   She leaves tomorrow on the Condor airline to Frankfurt Germany. The Hawkins are driving from Birmingham, UK to Germany to pick her up and will drive back to the UK through the Chunnel to take PIGGLES to her forever home.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

2 kittens adopted in Tobago, happy in their forever home.

Monday, March 25, 2013


Ramona and Seal, two abandoned female pups from Buccoo, are going to live in Trinidad in May with their new owner. In the meantime, they are at the TTSPCA, where I go regularly to play with them and, on occasion, take them on an outing (e.g. to the beach). It is important to give homeless animals a loving home—and also to spend time with them, socializing them, interacting with them, letting them play outside of their cages, helping them to remember that they are loved—not alone and forgotten. (Elspeth cabbie D)


Sunday, January 6, 2013


Bobby was adopted by Julie King and family while they were staying in a villa in Bacolet.  Bobby attached himself to them and they fell in love with him. So he was microchipped, given a rabies shot and left for the USA a month after they found him

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Dexter went to Uk in June 2012.   He had been chopped and his eye was damaged.

Nigel Smith his new owner took him to a Vet Clinic in London where they operated on his eye and he is doing so much better in his forever home showered with love.


Another lucky dog who went to live in the UK with his new owner Kieran Hawkins.  Kieron also did a swimathon at his school and sent the sponsorship money he earned to our TobagoSPCA Shelter - Thanks Kieron!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This is Tigger.
He was adopted by Jenny, a member of our Committee
Doesn't he look great!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


lassie was supposed to go to UK but her foster parents in Tobago fell in love with her ... so in the end she stayed on this sunny isle and is happily  living here with them.


Mimi went to Yorkshire and changed from a timid dog to a perky, frisky dog. She's now full of life, loves her walks and her new family of 3 dalmations...

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Drum and Bass,  left at the shelter when their owner returned to Denmark, were adopted together and here they enjoy their new taste of freedom.
Catch me if you can! wheeeeeeeeeeee.


"Tobago" is now living in Germany from Bucco Beach.
Here he is curled up nice and warm... so cute!

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Then there is the story of "spy dog" who was found spying on a family from Trinidad who were vacationing at Stone Haven. 
They fed him while they were here and then surrendered him to the Shelter in the hope we would find him a home.   
After a couple of weeks they missed him so much they arranged to fly him to Trinidad where he has found a 'forever home' living with the Conyers family.

Friday, August 5, 2011


The Shelter has many cats and kittens.
Not many cats are adopted so when Apache fell in love with Shadow we were so happy.
Cats are just as much fun to have around as dogs and they are extremely loving when you are kind and loving to them.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Taffy wandered into John and Myma’s house where they fostered her until they had to return to Canada
She was then taken to the Shelter, spayed and eventually adopted by "Nzingha" who gave her a 'forever home".    

“Taffy looks a bit nervous” said Nzingha who also assured us she has settled into her new surroundings very well.

Friday, April 29, 2011

ROSCO Zumpeck Mc-Wong

Rosco was adopted by family in Mason Hall. Based in UK - Tracee (musician) married to a Trini, Wendell (artist) and their 2 adorable children Apache and Jhango. 
Tracee plans to raise funds for TTSPCA in England.

Rosco Zumpeck Mc-Wong moved in with her new animal friends Polly, Gaza, Desil and Marbles

Sunday, March 20, 2011

We called him Scarface as he was cut on the face with a cutlass and left for dead.   However with the help of the Vet and tender loving care from the Shelter Staff, Scarface not only recovered but was adopted by a family in Tobago.   Now renamed Rocco, he can be seen on the beach out for walks with his new family.   Happy ever after ending.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


This month ‘MinnieHope’, found on Store Bay beach travelled to the USA with her new Owners.
Here she is now living in New York 2 months later 

"Brrrrrr - this cold takes some getting used to but it's worth it!. Thanks to the Shelter for taking good care of me while I was there! Merry Christmas to you all!"

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Ralph is a feisty, curious pup of 2 months who has just been adopted by a wonderful family in Canada. When his owners first saw him they knew he was the one to be going back with them ... they really wanted to save a Tobago dog.  He is now happily settled in and learning how to say "woof" with a Canadian accent!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Nina was found at Castara suffering from a broken leg that had mended incorrectly. Luckily she was adopted by Steffi who brought her to Germany where she was operated on and is now able to walk well again.
Follow up note below:
"Nina is happy and has found new friends here. All my family care for her. I thank you very much for all you did so nina could come to Germany. Best regards." Steffi

Saturday, July 17, 2010


When Mary saw Pepper at the TobagoSPCA Shelter she just couldn't leave her there. This small Jack Russell terrier-like cutie, is full of life and intelligence and is now happily living in Tobago with another adopted dog Tobi and 2 more lovely island dogs Chico and Popsy.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Skip was a badly neglected dog, with a skin problem, found at Palatuvier by Tina who brought her to Suffolk in the UK where she now lives with Daisy and Tina.
Follow up note
"I have no regrets, I remember the poor frightened dog I took to the shelter and my heart fills with joy when I see him playing happily in the paddock with Daisy." Tina

Saturday, April 17, 2010


"Hope you & all at the Tobago shelter are well! We simply adore Riggs - what a sweet, lovely dog. He gets along with our other 2 dogs and cat,  and is thoroughly enjoying the ability to run on our 8 wooded acres in the Catskill Mountains of New York. He is very happy, and very well taken care of.
Warren and I were just married and Riggs had the honor of ring bearer, led by my good friend Ali. From your shelter in being a guest of honor at a wedding in upstate New York. A lucky dog indeed! And much deserved - we truly love him. Thank you again for all of your efforts to bring him into our family, Best,"
Meagan and Warren

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Here's the adopted Tobago dog Bella (right) now with her best friend Molly (pug yoda)
"Bella is a very cleaver dog and we really Love her! they play together all day long."

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Luise Kimme, a German Sculptor, has been living in Tobago since 1979. Not only is she a wonderful Artist, but also has a deep attachment to the dogs of the island and has adopted many dogs from the tobagoSPCA Shelter.

"My heart goes out to all animals particularly dogs. I get most of my dogs from the animal shelter in  Tobago. They need help in any form: money, food, walking dogs, letting out the puppies, adoption." Luise Kimme
Photo by Stefan Falke

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Tobi (left) was adopted by Brian & Nan who were on the Island for Sail Week. He is living happily in Canada with his friend Buddy

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Mr. Milligan lived with Graham while he was on the Island and when Graham returned to the UK he decided to bring him back.
Mr. Milligan went through the process of micro chipping, being rabies tested and quarantined for 6 months at the Shelter until he was finally ready to depart.
This message came from the dog Mr. Milligan, who had become quite a favourite at the Shelter during his 6 months stay.
“Umm look what was waiting for me when I arrived at my new home . I can tell you it was well worth the journey as this bed is very comfortable . At last I can get a good nights sleep. Love to everyone and thanks to all that helped me get here to the UK . I love it , oh let me tell you they serve very nice fresh chicken here , I am just pretending at the moment that I don't like the dried biscuits , I will make my daddy pay for leaving me behind for so long bye for now” Mr. Milligan.
Note from his owner Graham to say he is doing absolutely great and everyone loves him to bits.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Eddie was adopted by Lizzie and brought to the UK where he lives in Chelsea.
His owner takes him for long walks in the park where he mingles with the other dogs. Everybody
wants to know what breed he is….we know here they are all TOBAGO TERRIERS and make wonderful companions wherever in the world they end up!

Sunday, January 1, 2006

CHICO big ears

This lovely little "Being" was found by the roadside with his sister in quite a bad state. She died but he struggled on for days... until one fine morn he let out a huge yelp.. so big that he ran into the corner to hide from himself.. it was his first bark! He's been with the family ever since, and we love him dearly. Mary.